God is speaking to us today!


Here you will find actual apparitions of Jesus and Mary happening today!

Not everyone is aware of this, but God is speaking to humanity today and warning us to change our ways, before it is too late!

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Peace to the world

On February 13, 2022 before the useless war in Ukraine started, a beautiful, deep and healing message was given by the Mother of Humanity - Queen of Peace - to Friar Elias in Fatima, Portugal. It has the power to restore peace in anyone who listens to it.

It was given in Spanish with a direct English translation:

The Queen of Peace offers us Her Peace


New discoveries in Biblical Chronology.


The main subject of this website is a deep investigation into the historical chronology of the Bible.

The chronology of the Apostles.
The Didache. The Book of Popes.

The chronology of the Gospels:
Precise dating of Jesus' Life,
His Birth, His Mission & His Passion.

The chronology of the Old Testament:
from Abraham to Jesus Christ. Strong evidence for the Exodus. Yacob found.

The name of Joseph.
Joshua's campaign dated in the correct period.
The Hebrew Kings revisited.

These pages contain research by

© Marcel-de-Ray,

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E-books & essays on Biblical Chronology.


'Dating the Didache': a beautiful early Christian Instruction provides evidence for the historical dating of the oldest Gospel.


'The Book of the Popes': A fresh look at the oldest lists of the bishops of Rome redefines the chronology of the early Popes. COMING SOON

'The Apostles Chronology': chronology of the period following Pentecost in 30AD until 100AD, with new evidence for the chronology of Peter's & Paul's missionary journeys, with new historical anchors.

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The Name of Mary, Mariam.

Revelations on the life of Mary,
revealed to Sister Maria de Jesus de Agreda, in Spain.

more to come...

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Some essays on the Origins of the Universe An integrated approach of Cosmology, Physics, Metaphysics, Philosophy. Find out more


David and Goliath: technique came from the Balearic Islands, Spain.

Here a German docu explaining how David killed Goliath, by World Champion Slinger Luis Livermore:

Docu on Luis Livermore

History of stone slingers:

Mallorca - Menorca - Carthago

Another example showing speed:

Try-out with world champion Slinging