God speaks to us, today!

Prophetic Revelations for us (important!)


The following revelations, received by Vassula Ryden, have been investigated by the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith of the Catholic Church in 2000-2004, when Pope Benedict XVI was head of the congregation, and found to contain no errors, being worthy to be read.

It therefore received the Church's approval seals 'Nihil Obstat' and 'Imprimatur'. This means, these messages contain nothing that violates Christian doctrine. We can trust their content to be beneficial for our soul.

They contain many important insights on what we are going through, in the world and in the Church, and proves that the second coming of Jesus Christ, Who is the Messiah, is near. It teaches us how to personally prepare for the coming events.

Just read this powerful Message:

"I am sending you the Woman of the Apocalypse!"

Jesus explains in plain words His imminent Return.

Our Holy Mother speaks:

"and I, your Holy Mother, salute you, Vassula; yes, Our Hearts will rise like the dawn to brighten the earth in its present gloom; Our Hearts in Their triumph will shine on mankind brighter in radiance than all the constellations put together, more resplendent than a thousand suns, and the people who had been walking now for years, in darkness, will see from the heavens a great light; on those who lived in a land of shadow, a light will shine;

many of you, little children, are waiting for exterior signs and exterior prodigies and portents; many of you turn your gaze upwards searching the skies, and yet, My Son, Jesus, has warned you, not to seek exterior signs but to seek what is real and divine from within you;

many of you read and re-read this prophetic revelation with eyes but never see, because when you read, you read with the sole interest of finding extraordinary signs or indications on prodigies and portents, instead of calling the Holy Spirit to endow upon you a spirit of discernment and perception to penetrate rather into the Mystery of Christ and into the Mystery of His Resurrection and enable your soul to progress spiritually to reach the promised land ….

if anyone continues to set his mind and heart in that manner, My poor children, the day when you will be Face to face with your Creator, you will be standing in front of His Throne empty-handed because your soul will be still a wilderness, a parched land, a desert; but if you penetrate with the right heart into the Mysteries We reveal to you now in these Messages, you will start to understand that every work that God is doing is full of Glory and Majesty!" (full message here: "Our Hearts will rise")


The True Life in God messages reveal many other things, like the Blessed Virgin telling Vassula that Her many Apparitions in Garabandal were true; Jesus told her, the Shroud of Turin is indeed Jesus' burial shroud; that we should remain faithful to Pope Francis and not follow the critical mindset of so many.

Love & Humility are needed both for Church leaders, as for the faithful, to follow the footprints of Jesus our Lord, that are marked with His precious blood. It speaks about nations, religions and specific subjects (you may perform a search on tlig.org/ to find your country or subject).

At the heart of  these messages is the desire of Jesus to reunite His Body on Earth, that is His Church. He wants the Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church, and the Protestants to unite, recognizing the full Truth given to the Church, under the leadership of a future Pope, with a full recognition of the Sacraments by all. As Jesus told His disciples:

13  However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own [authority], but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will announce to you things to come.

14  He will glorify Me, for He will take from what is Mine and He will announce it to you.

15  All things which the Father has are Mine. Therefore I said that He takes from what is Mine and will announce it to you.

Apart from this, it teaches us to be faithful in prayer & penance.

Jesus asks the reader of these messages to replace Vassula's name with his/her own name, for these are messages of Love & Peace for each one of us.

To discover how to find Jesus and develop a personal relationship with Him, this is the place to be.

The 'True Life In God' messages can be read here:   



Investigated by the magisterium of the Catholic Church, contains Nihil Obstat + Imprimatur: * Nihil Obstat & Imprimatur.  

These are special times:

"I shall feed you with discernment, I shall not leave you unaided, remain in My Love; hear Me: cry out to the nations that My Return is near you, all those who have ears let them hear and those who have eyes let them see; I, the Lord, descend out of My Boundless Mercy to warn you and call you back to Me;

listen, just before My Return I shall give mankind still greater Signs than what I am giving you today; be vigilant, for the greater My Signs become the greater Satan’s fury will come upon you;

I have raised prophets to announce the End of Times and I am sending My Mother as a Teacher to teach you all around the earth; I am sending Her to prepare in this wilderness a path for My Return, a levelled highway for Me your God across your wilderness; stay alert!"

Full message: "I am sending you My Mother"

In the following personal message, Jesus explains to His followers how His Return will be, and the similarity of the events that are passing before our eyes in the world, and the preparations that are ongoing for His Return! Things will end very good:

The New Heavens And The New Earth


"My Lord!

"I am;

"If only my people would listen …

the ban would be lifted and they will listen, so courage, little one … I am with you … Love is near you … oh Vassula, beloved, I am so close to you! I Am; and I watch every step you take; rise and kiss Me, I am near you; kiss the Sacred Heart in front of you …

(I kissed His Sacred Heart.)

yes … please Me now and write;

(I looked in His Holy Face and my heart leaped with joy.)

peace be with you; it is I, beloved children, the Sacred Heart; it is I, your Saviour who pursues you to gain your heart and make it entirely Mine; today I have assembled you as in a school, to be together and learn directly from Wisdom;

I intend to give sight to the blind, so that they may see My Splendour, and instruct the unlearned to grow in My Spirit and know how to tell sin from virtue; I intend to gain every heart, even those who turned into granite and are unyielding as millstones; like a man who invites his friends to share his property, I too invite you to share My Property;

My assemblies are similar to a school; they are to progress you into your spiritual life and remind each one of you of the contents of My Word; in My School, I prepare your spirit for My Great Return and by My Grace I discourse to you now and then of future things to let you know their outcome;

if you do not learn from Wisdom, how then will you be able to live according to My Law? besides, many of you did not know Me, no more than the one I have sent you; but I am the Resurrection, see how former predictions have come true? I raised her from her grave and have taken her by the hand and formed her to court her; yes, I am the Resurrection and the Light;

have I not done the same to you too? have I not taken pity on you? and those who were far away from My Heart, have I not sought and found? and have I not with everlasting Love taken you back to Me? and have I, your Lord, not been courting you all these years to win your heart?

I have roused up My Mercy to suppress My Fury and I poured out My Love instead of My Justice; and My Peace was offered to you, followed by Grace, and My Compassion leaned down from heaven, granting you the requests of your prayers; I have never ceased blessing you; “like a watercourse running into a garden, I said, I am going to water My orchard; I intend to irrigate My flower beds, and see, My watercourse has grown into a river and My river will grow into a sea”;

today I tell you: your Shepherd shall soon live among you and shall pasture His flock in the gardens of His City; no-o, you are not yet one flock, but I shall fetch you one by one out of the desert; therefore, My little flock, when from afar you see your Shepherd coming up from the desert, know that I shall have with Me the rest of My lambs, and all the things I have done to you, daughter, I shall do to your brothers too; I shall save you; I shall unite you to your other brothers and Wisdom shall be your Holy Companion to instruct you without cease;

I shall soon lift the ban and your great apostasy will come to its end; and the prayer I have given you shall be accomplished; My Will shall be done on earth as it is in Heaven, and under My Hallowed Name, many nations shall come from far away, from all the ends of the earth, to dwell close to My Holy Name, extolling My greatness by the divinity I would give you back; and My Kingdom shall come; because, My Throne shall descend from above into My Holy City; and I shall reign among the remnant left, who will see Me face to face;

– Love shall return as love –

and My Will shall be done on earth as it is in Heaven because you will be one, worshipping Me around one Tabernacle with love in your heart and a Fire burning inside you; I shall accomplish My priestly prayer on earth as in Heaven; your souls shall be rooted in Me, in Love, in Unity and filled up with the utter fullness of My Spirit; yes, My beloved ones, I shall not only give you your daily bread, but also a hidden Treasure out of My Heart: The Celestial Manna, that transfigures, uplifts your spirit into a copy of My Spirit; you shall be transfigured with the outpouring of My Spirit to know how to forgive fully those who trespassed against you;

I shall put inside you a Spirit of Understanding and Mercy to make you understand what “the fear of the Lord” means; yes, beloved ones, and once you do, I shall give you Wisdom to be your travelling Companion and guide, to lead you into sanctity, this sanctity which will paralyse Satan for a thousand years, obstructing him from coming between us and between you and My Love;

so when you will see the sky dissolve into flames and the elements melt in the heat, know that this is the sign of the beginning of My Promise; and of the New Heavens and the New Earth: the Renewal of My Church, the Revival of My Church,

the Revival of your hearts;

and you, you who are consecrated souls to Me, you who represent Me, I tell you this: do you remember how I heard Elijah’s complaint to Me about Israel’s behaviour? and how he believed that they had killed all My prophets and broken down all My altars? do you remember what My answer was to that? I said: I have kept for Myself seven thousand men who have not bent the knee to Baal; and today I am telling you, beloved brothers: I have kept for Myself a remnant, chosen and transformed by My Grace to remain faithful to Me; this remnant I am raising up to rebuild the altars that once were, and reconstruct My Sanctuary; they are the builders of My New Church;

so while the wicked are continuing their evil deeds, persecuting you, My prophets and My saints of the end of Times, and while the proud are struggling for worldwide authority, I, your Redeemer, am raising up and training these builders in My Sacred Heart, to be the pillars of My Church; brothers, I shall never abandon you, never … come … lift up your cross and follow Me and when you feel weary on the way, lean on Me, lean on My Heart and My Heartbeats will give you the courage you need and the strength to proceed on your way to Calvary;

be blessed; I have told you all this today so that you may find peace and hope in Me; I have spoken to you today in plain words; beloved ones, stay vigilant and awake and you will hear My Footsteps; the Word now is very near you and on His way of Return;

I bless you all, leaving the Sigh of My Love on your foreheads, this sigh that marks you as Mine; be one under My Holy Name."

source: "The New Heavens and the New Earth"

Apparitions by the Virgin Mary & Jesus Christ


Following messages are received by visionaries of the Grace Mercy Order, that was founded in 2012 in Uruguay & Brasil at the request of the Most Holy Virgin Mary (https://www.mensajerosdivinos.org/en/asociacion-maria).

The contents of the messages given in these apparitions are preparing us for the Return of Jesus Christ. We are living in 'the end of times' (not the end of the world) and these messages aid us to understand the times we are living today, preparing us for many things to come. They show the path forward for mankind from a heavenly perspective. More revealing & inspiring revelations as these are hardly feasible.

They may be understood as a sequel to the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Paris (1830), La Salette (1846), Lourdes (1858), San Sebastian de Garabandal (1961-65), Zeitoun (1968-71), Akita (1973), Kibeho (1981-1989), Medjugorje (1981-ongoing), and especially in Fatima (1917): "Today I invite you, my children, to have reborn in your hearts the Kingdom of Fatima. I invite you to remember the words I spoke to humankind so long ago, because when I was in Fatima, my children, I awakened in this world, indivisible from your hearts, a Kingdom of Light, a Kingdom of Peace, where my consciousness made a dwelling and from those days until today, I contemplate the human hearts."

This the Virgin Mary said during an apparition in Fatima, May 8 in 2014. It also contains a deep instruction on future matrimony. You can watch it here (Spanish/Portuguese): Apparition of the Virgin Mary at Fatima

The Spirituality of the Divine Mercy, as revealed by Jesus the Messiah to Sister Faustina in Poland (1931-38), is very much present, which expresses itself also in the names "Grace Mercy Order", and "Misericordia Maria TV".

Misericordia Maria TV :

Apparitions of the Risen Jesus (Sacred Heart), of the Virgin Mary (Immaculate Heart), of Saint Joseph (Most Chaste Heart), at: https://www.misericordiamariatv.org/en
and at:

The Texts of the Apparitions&Messages can be found here, where you can also search on subjects, nations and so on:

Messages of Mary for our times

Messages of Jesus for our times

Messages of God the Father

Hereafter two inspiring apparitions:

Apparition of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary & Saint Joseph in Brasil

Apparition of Jesus, Mary & Joseph, 21 August 2022 in Brasil

In this apparition in Brasil, the Holy Mother gives an important message for our future as a human family. It is worth listening to. During the apparition, Saint Joseph also gives a very worthwhile instruction.

After this, Jesus encourages us in His Love.

An apparition by the Holy Family for all of us!

Apparition Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph and Jesus in Brasil (direct link)

Text: text of the apparition (direct link)


Hereafter a special apparition for the United States.

Apparition of the Virgin Mary in San Francisco.

Apparitions & Messages of the Virgin Mary to U.S.A.

During this apparition at 15 December 2016 in San Francisco, U.S.A., the Blessed Virgin Mary gave some very important messages especially for Americans, and also for anyone listening. The apparition starts at 20 minutes into this video:

Apparition Virgin Mary, San Francisco (direct link)

Text: text of the apparition (direct link)

Powerful message for the United States by the Virgin Mary

At the beginning of this encounter, a message is read, received by visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús, in which Mary explains the reasons for her apparition, and speaks about the underlying problems for the U.S and what its true vision should be:

"My beloved children,

I am the Queen of Heaven and Earth, the Mother of each creature that lives and animates the universes. I am your Holy Celestial Mother.

I am the same One who stopped wars with the merits generated by the purity and simplicity of three shepherds.

I am the same One who united peoples and cultures through the trust of a beloved indian, in a dear nation that dedicated its life and the following centuries to Me.

I am the same One who, in the East, warns souls so that they may repair the Heart of God through communion with My Son.

I am the same One who, in Medjugorje, guides hearts into discovering peace.

I am the same One who, as a White Buffalo, manifested to the eyes of those who in this way could understand Me, so that they too could live peace and communion with all life, with all Creation.

I am the One who warns you, but also gives you refuge.

I am the One who tells you the truth that you do not want to hear and shows you what you do not want to see, because the time has come to take new steps in the transformation of spirit and of consciousness. But I do not only bring you warnings, I also show you the path to Salvation, and, day by day, teach you to find Christ, and, through Him, the whole truth about higher life.

I come to remove you from the illusion of this world because many are blind of heart, deaf of spirit and incapable of freeing their own souls from the abysses of materialism and human perdition.

I come to open a new horizon for you so that all My children may receive an opportunity of awakening.

I have come to transform the cradle of darkness into the new nativity of Bethlehem, and to take back for My Son the reign that belongs to Him and not to worldly forces.

I am here, children, to prepare the path of Christ, because His Light and Mercy will descend upon each particle of life and will try to awaken sleeping souls to the truth.

I do not come to lead you to a religion, new or old, however, I come to awaken you to the Now, to the higher life that transcends any doctrine.

I come so that you may discover the true expression of the word unity, which you carry within the name of this nation. I come to make this word alive in the lives of all those who say yes to Me.

It is possible to transform the retrograde human condition in which you live, believing that it is called progress and comfort.

Children, many are dying in spirit and do not see it. Where is your mind? Where are your thoughts, aspirations and intentions? Do you by any chance think about God every day and ask Him what His will is for this planet and for humanity?

I come here to remove you from ignorance and from your excessive care of yourselves. I want to remove you from egoism as a nation and as humanity so that you may perceive that millions of My children in many nations of this planet are suffering and in distress so that a few may live the comfort and selfishness that their blind eyes seek incessantly.

Beloved children, it is because I love you and because you are My children that I tell you these things.

Many come here seeking a better life and become confused with the deep illusion that this world offers, forgetting that the true mission of this nation is to re-establish peace in the world, because it has human powers for that.

The unity that it carries within its name should be a living attribute that would unite all the nations through the spirit of fraternity, understanding and service to those most in need.

Enough of exploiting and making use of what does not belong to you, children, while many suffer the consequences of those uncontrolled actions!

I come here to teach you the power of prayer, which transforms the consciousness and human life.

I come here to ask you to unite to Me from your heart, that you ask for the help of My Son so that His forgiveness may descend upon Earth and convert that which is dark, so that you may not only live peace, but also establish it in this world.

As your Mother and Queen of Peace, I ask you, My children: cry out for the Mercy of My Son so that He may come and give you the grace of a definite awakening, so that He may open your eyes to the true light of the infinite and guide you to the triumph of the Divine Plan for this planet, because the moment has come for this life and for this  Earth to become sacred.

I love you and I bless you so that you may hear Me and understand what I tell you.

May the Peace of My Son flood you and transform you forever!

I thank you for being with Me today,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace."

Outside of the Catholic Church?

During an apparition in Nicaragua, dated 13 November 2016 , the Virgin Mary explains why these apparitions occur 'outside of the institution of the Church', as explained in this profound message:

I am the Mother of the Inner Church of each being, I am the Mother and Guardian of the spiritual temple that resides in the essence of each soul. (click on link to read message)

"My beloved children, I announce Myself outside of the institution of the Church of My Son, because He asked Me seek all the hearts that, on their own, destroy their union with the Celestial Father."

Jesus & Mary are extending their reach to souls that do not know the Catholic Church or Christian tradition, or have abandoned their church.

A remark for the Catholic readers of my site :

Although these apparitions occur 'outside the institution', the messages received by these young visionaries, align very much with Catholic Doctrine & Discipline. These apparitions are considered to be 'private revelations', where Christians are free to believe in them, or not, by their own personal discernment (until the magisterium investigates them):

67 Throughout the ages, there have been so-called "private" revelations, some of which have been recognized by the authority of the Church. They do not belong, however, to the deposit of faith. It is not their role to improve or complete Christ's definitive Revelation, but to help live more fully by it in a certain period of history. Guided by the Magisterium of the Church, the sensus fidelium knows how to discern and welcome in these revelations whatever constitutes an authentic call of Christ or his saints to the Church.

Catechism of the Catholic Church (click opens link)